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Proudly Canadian Owned Business.

More Services & Fees

Mount an item to stud frame / drywall = $100.ºº

Maximum of two mount points with any item you mounted to the wall.

Move an item = $25.ºº
Movement and placement of any items located within the same room on a level floor that is 50 lbs or less.

Recycle fee = $100.ºº
32" tube tv's/60" flat panel LCD/Plasma and under, price doubles for anything larger.

Single router setup = $50.ºº

Network setup = $200.ºº

This includes a router, or wireless mesh setup and wireless printer setup plus wireless integration for all devices.

Custom labor fees for anything above or beyond pre-selected pricing is $50.ºº for every half hour.

*All standard building materials are included for packaged pricing installations with the exception of concealment kits. Packaged priced installations do not include any electronics, tv/projector mounts, projector screens, audio/video wire of any type, electrical cabling or power bar/surge protectors of any type, speaker mount kits, shelving units, or any other third party furniture or special equipment for free.

*Fees for packaged pricing do not change if less equipment is available for hook up at time of installation.

*A minimum $50.ºº fee will be required for a visit from any EasyOn team members except packaged price installations, or labor fees from $100 or more.

Servicing Edmonton and outlying areas located in Alberta, Canada.

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*** Labor fees are non-refundable once service(s) have been performed.
** Prices are subject to change without notice.
* GST not included in listed prices.

Consultation / Site Survey = $100.ºº (Refunded)

*If you choose to move ahead with EasyOn installation services, this fee is waived and will be refunded on the final bill. Research, product selection and bookings for your install will be started once this fee has been paid in full. If cancelling a planned installation, the fee will not be refunded unless a new booking is made for a future install.

Single gang wall plate install for any type of standard connection = $50.ºº

For up to a 4-port connector plate. 5-8 port connector plate is $75.ºº

Volume or control panel installation = $50.ºº

Includes single gang rough-in and wiring of device.

Speaker mounting = $25.ºº

Per speaker, $50 for in-wall or in-ceiling speaker (includes cutting).

Speaker mounting with concealment = $75.ºº

Per speaker, and $100 for in-wall or in-ceiling speaker.

Exterior speaker mounting = $50.ºº
Per speaker, $100 for mounting + wiring run.

Tutorial or advanced learning session = $50.ºº

Basic remote programming = $25.ºº
Programming of basic universal remote provided the manual is available.

A quick tutorial of operation is included.

Advanced remote programming = $150.ºº

Includes quick tutorial of operation. Only $75 for Re-programming.

*$50 per hour for additional advanced/custom setup.

Troubleshoot / Diagnostic = $50.ºº

Distance travel fee = $2.00/km

Any distance outside the 25km radius from epicenter of the city of Edmonton.

Cable run (audio/video/data) = $50.ºº per run.